Sprocket Mechanical Design
Sprocket Mechanical Design

  • About Sprocket


    Sprocket Mechanical Design, LLC is an engineering firm specializing in contract machine design.  We are located in South Carolina and service the southeastern United States.  We utilize a network of mechanical design engineers with an extensive history in automation and machine design to provide our customers with a complete print package that enables them to use their existing resources to complete a project.

    Engineers On Demand

    Our  freelance engineers are degree-holding professionals who have worked for both large design firms and manufacturing facilities.  We work on a contract basis to fill in gaps in your existing engineering support.  Whether you lack the design horsepower in-house or your engineers are simply too busy to tackle small projects, we can pick up the slack for you.

    Modern Design Tactics

    We are comfortable with traditional CAD software and design approaches, but also utilize the latest in cloud-based CAD and data management.  This allows us to work remotely and efficiently.  Our decentralized approach gives us the ability to tailor our team to each project while maintaining a high level of collaboration.